Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are You a Sugar Addict

Turning all open and vacant land/farms or natural forests into Sugar producing crop fields is not progress. It is called Habitat Destruction.

When one's field of view from King Shaka at 18000 feet is only Sugar Cane Farms then one realise that the drive to stop farming Wildlife for a Profit is orcastrated and motivated by a group of Sugar Addicted Idiots.


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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Habitat, The most important Heritage

05 June 2014
Habitat Destruction

When people look at conservation the Paul Watson in them comes out and they all remember Bambie's mother that was shot, but some how they miss the fact that habitat is the most expensive commodity on earth and once lost it can never be replaced again.

So many thousands of hectares are over run by exotic Trees and Sugar Cane Farms when Natural Habitation is removed to make space for the Worlds Sugar Addiction. Only when you understand the addiction to normal refined sugar can you comprehend the following. With out the insight to understand that humans are physically addicted to normal pure white/brown Sugar will the next paragraph make any sense at all.

To sustain Conservation open un used land has to make economic sense. Humans are carbon based protein fueled biological machines.

Other words humans has to kill to eat and refuel energy. Without meat humans suffer restricted brain development a decrease in the immune system and tendency to get ill easier.

How mass media has been manipulated by various forces mainly for self indulgence is scary. Paul Watson is the most famous soothsayer in Human history when it comes to feeding of empathy. His famous Words is "Due to the Nature off Mass Media the Truth is irrelevant is an absolute fact. No single person knows who is Dolphin Nan, yet she has stopped Whaling in the Southern Indian Ocean with much less resources than Paul Watson.

Any way the point is The American's has protected their endangered species by turning them into house hold pets. This increase the Genetic Diversity and spreading it all around the World. In an over populated country where famine is rive People still can't phantom the problem and wrapped their heads around Rhino Farming. Yet a Rhino does not need to sacrifice it's live to produce a very lucrative product more valuable per kilogram than Gold. With this in mind our Rhino Population is increasing annually way beyond the available Habitat even under current poaching deaths.

Once Rhino has a value as a commodity will their existence on Earth be secured. Unfortunately we spend millions of tons and Carbon producing Tree consuming education system that teaches humans to be Capitalist and with out the financial value Nature does not fit into this power hungry monetary controlled society.

By Petrus Viviers
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