Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Health and Pollution of our Planet.

South African Government is quick to blame Apartheid for the wrongs done by this regime, but they do nothing to ensure that their or our children is left with a healthy Green and Prosperous Planet.

This is leeches attached to a bait bag that was left in one of the favorite fishing spots for 30 minutes.

The presence of Leeches indicates the oxygen quality of the water. Over population like this indicates poor oxygen quality. Lack of oxygen is generally the result of biodegradable mass.

In this case it is more than likely the untreated human sewerage that is seeping into the system.

The lack of infrastructure maintenance has nothing to do with the Atrocities of Apartheid. It reflects directly on the capabilities of people in charge and their commitment as over lords of The Heritage we leave our Children.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Maintenance Is Key

Whether you a Industrial Harbor or a World Heritage Site it is un avoidable to do maintenance and upgrades from time to time. It is un avoidable.

This is a very popular walk way/drive way access point for anglers, pedestrians and cyclist in Richards Bay. Yes the Municipality is a Metro pol and the Rate Payer Base is very broad.

So When the managers of a Wetland Park hides behind World Heritage Status to do basic maintenance one begs to ask the question. Is it due to environmental issues or user group resistance. Maybe it is a total lack of funding.

Will we ever know the truth.

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